Hope Centers

As known millions of children in India live in slums. Their homes are build with plastic-, wooden- and plate scraps. They live hungry, sick and dirty in extreme poverty. Their parents are gone the whole day looking for some kind of a way to make a living for their families, and during that their children wander around without anyone taking care of them.

Our goal is to ensure hope of a future for the most underprivileged by starting Hope Centers as the bases of aid-work in these slum-areas. That includes a building with a hangout, a kitchen and the aid-worker’s simple room. An important part of the activity is the well, from where the whole neighbouring area gets clean water. A lavatory can also be build if given the chance.

The children of the neighbouring area can come to the base everyday. They’ll be served a meal, school teaching, health- and hygiene-education.

We support the building-projects of Hope Centers as well as their up-keeping and activity. Join us to deliver hope for the desperate!