There is approximately 8,5 million orphans in India. They are without a home and parents for multiple different reasons. For some it’s because their parents died. Some have been abandoned because their parents simply couldn’t afford to feed them because of the extremely poor living conditions.

The orphans live on the streets dirty and sick, being despised by everyone.They beg and steal food or look for something to eat from the dumps and bins. The GTSSS-organization has founded orphanages for these children. In these orphanages the children get care-taking, a home, food, clothing and hygiene. They get a possibility to go to school. They get hope and a future.

The work with the orphans began in 1994 when Jacob gave a home for three orphans. In the spring of 2016 there was already about forty orphanages that give shelter to 4500 children. Many of these children have began their own life, started a family and participate in working life. There’s also been build other learning institutions near the orphanages than just schools, for example colleges and nursing-schools. There’s also a plan to build a technical school for boys according to how resources go.

By becoming a godparent for an orphan you can accomplish so much with such a small sacrifice, - you can change one person’s whole world.

The support for one godchild is just 30 euros /month