The founder of this work and the GTSSS-organization, Jacob Marineni, was born into an Indian Hindu-family in 1971. When Jacob was 8-years old he got severely ill and was expected to pass away. While the family was on their way back home from the hospital with their dying son, they learned about a Christian gospel proclamation happening in one of the villages, and afterwards this Christian prayed for the child. The next night Jesus appeared to Jacob and announced that he would get better and not die. And so did happen. Jacob and his whole family became servants of the living God from the bottom of their hearts.

While growing up Jacob felt like God was calling him to his work and he answered to that call. He began to study theology. When he graduated in 1991, after many colorful and hard phases, he started to proclaim the gospel as the first mission worker in an Indian reservation.

The work with the Indian orphans began in 1994, when Jacob took three orphans into his home. That same year he started the GTSSS-organization. The work with the orphans has also proceeded with incredible speed. By the spring of 2016 there is already over 4500 orphans in forty different orphanages.

Jacob’s main working location is in Andra Prades in east India.

The work has proceeded with such great pace that it proves that God is in charge of His work. Because He had given the call, he will also give the success. The same fire still burns in Jacob’s heart, the enormous need to win as many as he can for Christ. He works without resting seized by his vision.

GTSSS:n homepage: www.gtsss.org.

In Finland two organizations are co-operating with GTSSS and Jacob Marinen:

Hope to India ry (Since 2012)
Contact: Jorma Rämö
Lontilanraitti 38, 37800 Akaa
tel. +358 453 507 335

Agape Intia ry, (Since 2004)