Raport from India August/September 2016

Dear Respected…..


Greetings in the Wonderful Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


But, My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19


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By the Grace of the Lord my wife and I, with our children we are doing well. There is big change in our family when our youngest son Samuel went to University. Suddenly we realize our house is without kids. We miss them so much; however the Lord has given us big family of Orphan children who are always with us. Every day they keep us busy with their love and prayers. Thank you so much for your prayers for Elizabeth, her health is much better now. Kindly continually pray for Elizabeth’s health and for our humble family. Many thanks to our Finish brothers and sisters for their sincere prayers and ongoing support for the continual work of the Lord.


I Praise God, and I am delighted to share with you following few things just briefly what God has done in our lives and in the ministry in India.


(1)      Praise God, as you aware from my previous report, now the Lord has provided Mini Bus for Nursing Students through a faithful Christian family. We have opened this bus on 31st August 2016, and dedicated for the Glory of the Lord.


(2)      Praise God, the Lord has provided Shoes and School Uniforms to the Orphan children. We are very thankful to the dear ones who have graciously stood behind the need. Praise to Jesus. Children are so thankful and grateful for helping them with Uniforms and Shoes. They also received Tie, Belt.


(3)      Praise God, two village Mission Projects were opened one is on 8th August and second one is 16th of September 2016. Believers and Missionary families are very thankful and grateful to the Lord.


(4)             GNM Nursing College Building Construction:

Praise God, GNM Nursing College Building construction work is gradually progressing. We are sincerely praying for the Lord’s provision to complete total work of the Building before the end of December 2016. Before the final Inspection by the Government officials we must complete this construction and open it. Still there is so much work to be done such as final floor roofing, flooring, doors and windows, sanitary work, Electrical work, Painting work and etc.,.. Still it would cost about 80,000 Euros to complete total work of the building. Our Nursing students and all the staff sincerely praying for the resources needed to complete entire building.


(5)             Orphanages: Praise God, all our children are doing well even though some of them suffered from seasonal viral fever in July and August and even in September. Every Hospital was full of sick people especially suffering from seasonal fever. In the villages almost every family gone through this fever. Some people even died. In our Orphanages, some children suffered from fever and cold, but thank God they all recovered safely. Our staff has taken special attention by the help of Doctors in giving them boiled water and needful food and Medicine.


The Lord has provided means to help every child with School Uniforms, Shoes, Tie and Belt. We have distributed said supplies to the children in the presence of Government officials. For few programs we have invited Police officials as eye witness of the distribution. We praise God, that all our children now received their total school supplies. Thank you so much for your prayers and support for this need.


Dear Friends, day by day children are growing; as they are growing there are so many things needed for their welfare as well as so much extra resources also required. Every day is big challenge to meet every need in every orphanage and connecting educational Institutional such as Food, Provisions, Maintenance, Salaries, Transportation, Medical and other needs. I always remember how great man of God George Muller Trusted God for the provision for 2000 children. Praise God, now our humble ministry is taking care of over 5000 children plus people suffering from Leprosy, Elderly people, Widows and all together about 7000 people receives our daily care. Many thanks for your prayers and support.

Christmas: Sponsors, those who are supporting Orphan children may kindly consider to add little extra at the time of Christmas so that all the Orphan children will receive special meal, New Outfits, Sweets and gifts. About 65% of the children living under our care still have no sponsors. So any extra support would be helpful to bless every child equally for Christmas.


(6)             Technical School for the Boys:

For the last 20 months we are continually working with Government to get the opening permission for Grace Industrial Training Institute. Government has rejected all applications, but only our application is still under process after many investigations. We have still hope for the permission. Kindly pray for the permission. This will be great help to train our boys in the orphanages as professionals.


(7)             Bible College: Our Grace Burning Heart Bible College is going well. Our Bible college students and I, we are praying and planning for 10 days fasting prayer for our country India. You are most welcome to send if you have any prayer requests so that we can put these prayer requests in our Bible College and pray regularly.


(8)             Missionaries: Our Mission work is continually going forward. Since month of August all over GTSSS churches, our missionaries organizing 3 days fasting prayers. I have participated in some of the fasting prayers and greatly blessed and encouraged. There are so many testimonies how the believers are blessed by the word of God and encouraged. Also many people witnessing how power of Jesus Christ changed their lives. Listening those powerful testimonies my faith is strengthened and giving thanks to the Lord.


Still many missionaries sincerely praying for the Motor Bikes needed for the transportation. During this period some of the missionary families received Motor Bikes with thanks to the Lord. When a Missionary family receives a Motor Bike, they would do much more extra work and reach more people.


About Missionary Shantha Kumar:  As you read in my previous report, we are sincerely praying to help this missionary family with a Auto mobile for the Gospel work. They are working among slum people. They had gone through beatings and so much suffering, but despite 120 people saved and many new people still coming to know Jesus. Since my last report, the Lord has provided 500 Euros and $800 from two sponsors; still we need 6300 Euros for this Auto Mobile. Kindly pray for this need. It is great blessing to help missionary family with a Auto Mobile for the mission work.


Still, 3 Missionary families who are leaders in the three regions covering more than 100 villages each, sincerely praying for the Lord’s provision of resources to help them with for Gospel Vans.


(9)             Leprosy Sufferers: Due to recent heavy rains and floods, many leprosy sufferers have lost their tiny mud huts and living places. During the last week of September, sum of the leaders came to see me and explained their drastic situation and asked for some help to rebuild their homes also some help for their food. We are able to help them with Rice and medical needs, but we do not have resources to help them with housing. Kindly pray that the Government may consider granting their requests.


Currently we have two doctors and 6 Nurses working for our Organization and helping Orphan children. One Doctor is helping with Leprosy medical assistance.


There is much more information but, Just I wanting to make it very brief for your kind information.

Thank you so much for your regular prayers and support.


But “what things were gain to me, these I have counted loss for Christ. Philippians 3:7


His servant,

Bishop Jacob and Elizabeth and the team