Raport from India June/July 2016

Dear Respected…..


Greetings in the Wonderful Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


But, He said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God. Luke 18:27


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Praise God, for His faithfulness. Thank you so much for your prayers and support for our family and ministry in India. By the Grace of the Lord, my wife’s health is much better now. My wife and I, with our three children (Daniel, Victoria and Samuel) with our family we have celebrated our 24th years Marriage day on 18th June 2016, in our Orphanage. We thank God for His goodness in our lives despite of many life challenges and suffering, so still alive and could do thanks to Him.


All the day long until 10:00 P.M.,. there was so much work and people visiting for prayers and other needs. Also I have spent some time with my little Jesus Army (Orphan children). Now it is 12:30 A.m., midnight, good time to pray and cry before the Lord while my little Jesus Army sleeping safely on their beds. Now brother Ramesh and I, we have sat together to write this brief report for your kind information to praise God together.


I want to sincerely thank all my dear Finish Brothers and Sister and Pastors for their faithful prayers and support for the past 14 years. Through your prayers and generosity, so many Orphan children lives have been changed into better future and thousands of new people came to know Jesus Christ and many lives came into light. My wife and I, we are very humble and grateful to Jesus for giving us such God’s family in Finland. Our biggest helping hand for the work in India is Finland.


My friends, time is very short, our Lord Jesus is coming very soon, so much work is yet to be done. Millions of people still die and going to Christless hell un-heard of Name of my Savior Jesus. It make me to cry when I see millions of my people which includes Orphans, abandoned children, Lepers, Widows and less privileged. When I read John 4:34, I began to cry and I could not stop. My Lord Jesus creator of all universe became homeless, hunger, thirsty, mocked, crucified and paid full price for my sings to make me worthy to sit with Father with Jesus. If we truly understand heart cry of Jesus, we live our short lives in this world differently.


My humble request, let us pray and ask the Holy Spirit of God to give us humble heart to hear from Him and to do His will alone, saying “Lord Jesus I want to die for myself and I want to live for you only as you live in me”. When we come to the point where Jesus is first in everything we do, suddenly we realize that, our life is not belongs to us, but belongs to Him. Oh! Praise you Jesus (Galatians 2:20). When we come to that point, we will see people like Jesus and others will come first in our lives. Praise God. Jesus is coming very soon, time is very short and opportunities are there now. John 4:36. Let us pray.



As schools were re-opened on 13th of June 2016, there was huge need outstanding to help every child with package of school supplies such as Text Books, Note Books, School Bags, Zamendry Boxes, Pens, Pencils, School Uniforms, Shoes, Bed Sheets, Towels and etc., We were sincerely fasting and praying for the needs of Orphan children. Praise God, so far we have distributed School Bags, Text Books, Note Books, Zamendry Boxes, Pens and Pencils to all children under our care including slum children home. We have distributed said Items in the presence of Government officials. For one of the distributions at Grace Orphanage, Thanikella we have invited our Khammam District Parliament Member as a guest, so he was present and highly regarded our services to the Orphans and needy children. We are very thankful to everyone who have generously given some extra contribution towards children needs. As a second part of the need, we are in the process of organizing school Uniforms, Shoes and Bed sheets for children. Per child we need €25/$30/£20.


We can see every day how the Lord is taking care of our needs. It is nothing, but miracle. Natural course of thinking cannot understand how we could live like this, but faith in Christ. Everyday feeding over 5000 children plus helpers, Teachers, Disabled Children, Elderly people, Leprosy people. About 7000 people fed by our Organization for every single meal. I count it taking care of Orphan children and widows is the highest privilege in the life as a believer. Day after day, we see God’s miracle of provision how this children are fed and all their needs are met in every Orphanage. I would safely say this; my words can be only understandable when someone sits among thousands of Orphan children looking into their eyes with Christ’s heart. All Glory to Jesus.


Recently Government officials and Tribal area leaders requested our organization to open an Orphanage and school for 1000 children in the Tribal area. There are so many Tribal people socially and economically backward and very little chance of getting education. There are so many Orphans and poor children. Officials have seen through the years how our orphanages providing safety and quality environment for children for their future. To establish Orphanage with all facilities and Primary school and High school for 1000 children would cost about 1 million Euros or 1.2 million USD. We know this project would change face of Tribal area as we educate children as a tomorrow leaders, but right now we are praying for God’s guidance and provision in the future.


(2)        Our Grace Burning Heart Bible college was re-opened on 22nd June 2016. On the day of re-opening some of our leaders participated in the program. This year we have 136 students joined in the Bible college and many of them are families. Currently 6 Teachers and 4 Non-Teaching staff total of 10 people helping in the Bible College.


(3)        Recently I was visiting some leprosy colonies where we are helping on monthly basis with Rice and Medical supplies. Every colony I went, my heart moved for them and touched and prayed for them, still many colonies asking if we could come and help them.


(4)        Need of Mini Bus for the Nursing Students: 

At the moment we have 152 Nursing Students in Hakala Nursing School which is basic two years Nursing program, plus we have 3 ½ years Nursing program which we call GNM (General Nursing Midwifery). In this 3 ½ years Nursing program, we have 70 Students plus 50 more joining in August 2016.  152 Students in Hakala Basic Nursing school plus 70 GNM Nursing students totaling 222 Nursing students have to go to hospitals for Practical training for six months every year. Our Nursing schools existing in the Grace campus (Thanikella) which is 8 miles away from Khammam city where the hospitals are and where our students needs to go to hospitals for their Practical Training 24 days in the month for six months. We are facing difficult to transport such big number of students’ everyday by renting small 3 wheel taxes. Every day we are paying lot of money for their transport. Second they are not safe like four wheel buses. Therefore we are desperately praying for the resources to buy a Mini Bus which has 41 seats. Our Nursing students sincerely praying for the Mini Bus. This new Mini bus would cost us €23,513, Including Registration, Taxes and Insurance. This is our most urgent need at this moment for the Nursing Students. We have driver available for this bus. All we need is the resources.


Vehicle Cost Rs. 14,20,000.00
Taxes Rs. 03,45,000.00
Temporary Registration Rs.      15,000.00
Insurance Rs.      56,000.00
Total In Rupees Rs. 18,36,000.00
Discount Rs.      96,000.00
Net Amount after discount Rs. 17,40.000.00
In Euros € 23,513


(5)        GNM Nursing College Building Construction:

By the Grace of the Lord our GNM Nursing college building construction work is gradually progressing. Still there is much work to be done. We are praying and trusting for God’s provision of resources for the remaining work. Kindly pray for this need.


(6)        Missionaries: Our missionaries work is continually going forward. Recently we have opened new work in the new areas and sent 15 new missionaries to carry on the Gospel work in 15 villages. In the past 6 months 4 missionary leaders received Gospel Vans for the ministry work; still 20 Mission leaders are praying and waiting for Gospel vans and 22 Missionaries urgently in need of Motor Bikes.


Recently, I was visiting one of our Missionaries called Santha Kumar working in the Slum area of Chennai. Where Asia’s second biggest Slum community living. His wife and two children living in Chennai and serving the Lord full time. My wife and I, as we visited their Slum church, we are moved with tears of listening living testimonies of the people how Jesus changed them from terrible lives and now given them new lives.


Brother Santha Kumar and his wife started Mission work among slums 5 years ago. They have suffered so much faced beatings twice and stoned 6 times to stop preached gospel. This faithful missionary family in the packed slum area gathering together in the 10 feet by 10 feet size room where organizing three  services in Sunday morning with 120 newly born again believers. We met people and heard great testimonies of people how Jesus is living and working in their lives.


We have seen a sincere urgent need for this missionary family to help them with Gospel Van or a small car. A brand new car or Gospel Van would cost about €7500. Kindly pray for this missionary family need, and see if the Lord is allowing you to be part of this need.


There is much more information but, Just I wanting to make it very brief for your kind information.


Thank you so much for your regular prayers and support.


My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth. 1 John 4:8


His servant,

Bishop Jacob and Elizabeth and the team