Raport from india May 2016

Dear Respected…..

Greetings in the Wonderful Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Yet if anyone suffers as Christian, let him not be ashamed, but let him glorify God in this matter. 1Peter 4:16

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Praise God, for the joy of sharing this brief information. Many people have been asking about our family situation and ministry. Thank you so much for your love and care for our family and ministry in India. At the present time, Elizabeth’s health is stable. She is taking medication for severe headaches. Praise God, my mother recovered from her health problem and has gone back to her village to continue the work of the Lord. Also, I had sunstroke and suffered for a few days, but slowly recovered from that.

(1) This year’s summer is very hot and people are suffering so much due to the heat. The lack of water is an especially difficult and great problem. Water levels have gone down significantly. There is an ever growing demand for Jesus water wells, even more than before. Every day, we are receiving many requests for the Jesus water wells. We are continually drilling Jesus water wells as the Lord provides. Thank you so much for your support in helping us to build Jesus water wells. I want to sincerely thank all our Finish churches, pastors and Friends for their faithful prayers and ongoing support for the orphans, missionaries, widows, leper colonies, Bible school, water wells and so on,.

(2) My team and I are working on organizing school supplies for over 5000 children living under our care. So far the Lord has provided, through generous people, school supplies for 1500 children. Thank God for that. Still we are praying for the needs of the remaining 3500 children plus. I would like to request all of our dear friends to pray for this need. Our children are praying to the Lord for their needs and trusting God’s faithfulness. We are kindly asking our sponsors, who are able and willing, to consider adding an extra amount to their monthly June giving to assist with the required school supplies and other needs for the children. We need school bags, shoes, satchels, textbooks, notebooks, uniforms, and two bed sheets per child. For each child to buy total package, we need approximately 50Euros/35 Pounds; however, you may kindly pray and help us as the Lord provides. However there is no pressure on any one. This is God’s work and we serve the Lord with great Joy.

(3) Our missionaries are continuing the work of the Lord. At the present time, three of our missionaries are suffering from paralysis stroke. They are Brother Mark, Brother Prasad and Brother Devadanam. Kindly pray for them. I am glad to inform you that the Lord has provided two vans for two missionary leaders through a generous Christian family from Finland. These vans will be used to spread the gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Praise God for that! There are still 20 mission leaders who are in need of similar automobiles for the gospel work. Currently, 923 missionary families are working in the mission field. Our sponsors, those who are supporting missionaries, please kindly consider providing a little extra in the month of June because the missionaries’ children are going back to school after the summer holidays and are also in need of school supplies. Despite extreme summer heat in April and May, the missionaries organized summer campaigns preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
During the month of April and May, we had several open Air Gospel crusades in different regions. Few times there was heavy wind with rough weather and few times hail stones, but in each place 2000 to 3000 people gathered for the word of God and many of them came first time to hear the Gospel. We have prayed for many sick and demon possessed people and many delivered and found Jesus as it was in the days of Jesus Christ. At the end of each meeting we prayed for hundreds people who just came to listen about Jesus first time. Praise God for that.

(4) Regarding our nursing students college building: 2 February 2016, we have laid the foundation for the construction of GNM (General nursing and Midwifery) college building. This facility will facilitate a proposed three and half years nursing program. This building will have classrooms, labs, library, and offices of the staff. Foundation work is completed and the walls are under construction. Kindly pray that the Lord will provide the needed resources to complete total work of the building. We are paying for a Mini Bus, which is needed for the nursing college for both 2 years basic nursing and three and half years program students. Every day, they have to go to Khammam city for the practical training in the hospitals. It is a desperate need right now for the students. A new mini bus would cost us about 25000$/ 22000 Euros.

(5) Also, as you know, we are working in 45 colonies of people suffering from leprosy. We are helping them with rice and medical supplies. Recently, some of these believers died due to extreme heat. Kindly pray for our work among the colonies. Our medical team is continually reaching leper colonies and poor villages by providing medical aid and sharing the Gospel.

(6) Our Bible college will reopen on 22nd June 2016 with 120 new students. Most of these newcomers are families, who are joining in the Bible college. Please pray for their success as well.

Thank you so much for your sincere prayers and support for our family and Ministry in India. Please know that your support of this work is greatly appreciated. God bless you and your families..

His servant,

Bishop Jacob and Elizabeth and the team

His Loving Kindness Endures Forever Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. For His loving kindness is everlasting. Give thanks to the God of gods, For his loving kindness is everlasting. Ps 136:1-2